Project: Great America

Project: Great America is a full-on NoLimits 2 recreation of Six Flags Great America. NL2A has been working on this project while developing new rides for NL2, hence why nearly all NL2A rides are found in Six Flags Great America. This also reveals a road map of NL2A rides that will be worked on in the future. Project: Great America updates will be posted here on NL2A and on the Project: Great America Facebook Page.

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Project: Great America

Project Great America (PGA) is a full-on interactive NoLimits 2 recreation of the one and only Six Flags Great America. A new page has been added to the website where news and information of the project is posted: Project: Great America. Alternatively the PGA Facebook Page will also post updates about the project, give it a like!

A special thanks to the PGA Team members Tallon D. and Tim C!

As always, thank you for being apart of NL2A,
-Josh V.

PGA Team

Joshua V. (SirMaverick34) – Project Lead, 3D Area & Ride Modeler
Tallon D. – Roller Coaster Design & QA, Roller Coaster Textures
Tim C. (WolfRaging95) – Roller Coaster Design, Park Photo Recon