Guide List

Below is a list of guides here on NoLimits 2 Advanced, more guides will be added over time. There is also a search button at the top of the page that you may use to find guides or pages that mention certain keywords.

Installing & Using NL2A Content

Applying Custom Textures to Coaster Cars
Importing Coasters into a Park
Installing Sets from NL2A
Using the Thrill Lights Set

3D Modeling for NoLimits 2

SketchUp as a 3D Modeling Application
SketchUp Basics
SketchUp Material Rigging
SketchUp Animation Rigging
SketchUp Model Clipping
SketchUp Exporting into NoLimits 2

Material Guides

Materials and Basic Examples
Recolorable Materials
Animation Panels

Scripting Guides

Notepad++ for Scripting
Syntax & Format
Triggered Events
Scripted Material Animations

Need Some Help?

If you need additional help or would like a tutorial written up for a particular topic, request a guide through Facebook!

NoLimits 2 Official Tutorials

The NoLimits 2 Official Dev Team has take the time to create video tutorials if you’re new to NoLimits 2! If you’re a beginner and would like to get the basics down, check out the links below!

NoLimits 2 Official Twitch TV
NoLimits 2 101 – Spline Shaping, Segment Settings, and Block Brake Theory
NoLimits 2 201 – Banking, Roll Settings, Make Straight 2D, Elements, and More
NoLimits 2 301 – Completing Coaster, Segment Settings, Style Settings, Support Basics
NoLimits 2 401 – Style Settings, Supports, Wooden Supports, Camera Track Script
NoLimits 2 501 – Terrain Basics, Special Tracks, 4D, Suspended