Parks & Coasters


Hystereo Resort, Hystereo for short, is a desert oasis getaway designed for thrill-lovers and party-goers alike. Hystereo’s inner plazas transform between three distinct audio and visual styles: Kinetic, Concussive and Ethereal.

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Performance Notice:
Hystereo requires a high performing graphics card in order to handle the numerous light sources, less powerful graphics cards will struggle to run Hystereo. Hystereo will take a long time to load due to the amount files, textures to be specific, included in this package.


Frisson is a psycho-sonic wing coaster that has it’s train sequenced with select music. Frission features a two launch sections, an exciting hidden secret and beautiful scenery.


The Peak Park Pack 1 is an amazing feat by NL2 Group Peak Amusements! It features two perfected, customizable roller coasters: Vekoma Boomerang and Zamperla Zig Zag. These two coasters can be imported with ease into any NoLimits 2 parks. New park packs are in development, follow Peak Amusement’s progress on Coaster Crazy. An additional feature is that the Vekoma Boomerang comes with .psd files that can be opened with Photoshop or Gimp to allow easy car customization of the Corkscrew Coaster Style.

Flat Ride Park

Flat Ride Park contains all rides found on the Custom Attractions page. With every new custom attraction release, the new ride or rides are added into the park to showcase all rides together. The park file is only meant to showcase NL2A content, rides still need to be downloaded from the Custom Attractions page in order to be added into user parks.