Coaster Textures

The Peak Amusements NoLimits 2 group proudly presents new roller coaster train and car textures! Check out this guide for help: Applying Custom Textures to Coaster Cars.

Phase I

Includes: Corkscrew Coaster, and Suspended Coaster.
Includes: Hyper 4 seat, Hyper 4 seat staggered, Twisted Dive, Twisted Floorless, Twisted Flyer, Twisted Inverted, Twisted Sit Down, Twisted Standup, and Twisted Wing.
Includes: LIM Coaster.
Includes: Big Bad Wolf, Diamondback, Kumba, Montu, Poltergeist, Raging Bull, Raptor, Georgia Scorcher, Scream!, SheiKra, Shockwave, Superman, and Thunderbird.

Note: Nearly all car textures are packaged with a Photoshop .psd file, which can be used to further tweak the car textures.

Phase II

Includes: Bobsled, Eurofighter I, Eurofighter II, and Gerstlauer Spinning.
Includes: Hyper, Inverted Impulse, and Rocket.
Includes: Mack.