NoLimits 2 Advanced (NL2A) is built on the premise of enhancing the NoLimits 2 experience while keeping it fun and easy for the user!

Custom Attractions done by NL2A are detailed and customizable! Unlimited color choices and several theme variations and ride configurations for each attraction.

NL2A also hosts Peak Amusements texture sets. These include templates for several NoLimits 2 Coaster Styles and even some real-world car textures from roller coasters like SheiKra and Raging Bull!

NL2A offers a few scenery sets, this list is expanding though! Operator Panels are a must with any custom attraction, and the Thrill Lights set can transform a coaster into a bright and colorful experience!

Experience breath-taking parks like Hystereo and Frisson, or use the Peak Park park to easily add a Boomerang Coaster to your park. Maybe even look at the Flat Ride Park by NL2A that showcases all custom attractions!